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My first jump into competitive gaming was Yahoo Euchre. But no one cares about cards now, do they?

That would make Ultima Online my first adventure.  I ran the largest RPvP guild in the game for several years. God I loved that game.

Following that was America’s Army, where I participated in ladders and TWL leagues.

And finally I ended up with Team Fortress 2, where I was one of the best spies in the game.  I started with a euro Highlander team called Team Freze where we participated in a ladder and tournament, but we were short lived.

My success came soon after with the Gun Runners, a UGC Platinum team.  We made the playoffs our first season, which was not common.   We performed well for multiple seasons and ultimately became the first Highlander team to get a sponsorship, by eXtv.

When i was done with competitive TF2 i decided to help coach an iron team called Violent Femmes where I attempted to play Demoman.  I wasn’t very good.

Well I started uploading vids when I played spy in competitive TF2.  Once my TF2 days were over, I started uploading other games like Minecraft and Arma2.  I suppose you could say that it was therapeutic.  I’m not a fantastic speaker and you can’t get more introverted than me, so I felt this was a good way to get me to open up a bit.

I moved to a new channel since “Facestabs” was TF2-centric and I wanted something more broad.  I rebranded as FixxxerTV.

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